Allison Sharpe is a multi-talented Travel & Leisure coach based in Southern California. She travels 6+ months a year and has been to 15 countries to date. She utilizes various platforms to encourage and inspire people to get out and live. 

In addition to helping passionate travelers, she has worked in music industry marketing for 10 years. Her industry blog posts have been published on top musician blog feeds like Hypebot, Music Think Tank and Sonicbids. She’s also spoken at many music conferences including ASCAP EXPO, A3C and the TAXI Road Rally.

She’s also a YouTuber, blogger, and host of the Travel Snacks Podcast. She loves coffee, cookies and connecting on Instagram @allisonloves_

What I'm About

LOVE. I believe in old fashioned values like honesty, fairness and integrity. Heck, my name literally means Noble and Honest! Keeping my word is super important to me so this is a no-flake zone. I don't always agree with everyone but being tolerant of others keeps the lines of communication open. One practice that has changed my life for the better is mindfulness - meaning living in the now moment. It has caused me to be more focused, less controlling and fully present when I'm around others; which has strengthened my relationships (or allowed me to break away from those that weren't good for me.)

Fun Facts

  • I'm 45, single AND happy
  • I am the mom of incredibly awesome YouTube influencers Marcus  (Sharpe Life) and Justin Sharpe (Sharpe - formerly Sharpie)
  • I've been successfully married and divorced twice (one by choice, the other not by choice)
  • I hold my Life Coach certification from the International Coach Academy (ICA)
  • I'm a pretty darn good singer and have written, performed and co-produced my own R&B record, still available on iTunes or HERE
  • In a previous life I sold adults toys, lingerie and taught women the finer points of sexuality and romance
  • I won a trip to Costa Rica on the television game show - The New Newlywed Game
  • I once met Michael Jackson in a record store - he was wearing his surgical face mask and looking through his own section of records
  • The 5 things I can't live without are my iPhone, credit card, a sweater, tissues and chapstick
  • My favorite foods are tacos, pasta, coffee and warm chocolate chip cookies (basically carbs). 
  • I'm a Christian and I love God

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Feel the Love...