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Allison Sharpe is a California native who gave up her home and quit her job to live a nomadic lifestyle. In the USA she lives out of her van and while abroad practices slow travel. Wherever she is, she's always looking for delicious food, scenic places, unique adventures and cool places to stay (on a budget). 

Allison is the host of the Travel Snacks YouTube Channel and Podcast.


She loves coffee, cookies and connecting on Instagram @travelsnacks_



The first time I heard Olivia Newton-John I knew I wanted to be a singer. I told everyone I was gonna be famous and moved to Hollywood after high school to do

just that. 

Here's a summary of what happened:


  • I got sidetracked. I got invited to a church in LA, got super involved, got married, had two kids, 10 years later I accepted the church was a cult and bounced.

  • Got divorced. Decided to pursue music again. Made a CD. Hated the music industry shadiness. Decided I wanted to sing just for the joy of it. 

  • Got married a second time. Had the house, a decent (but dead end) job, went back to school to earn a degree and took one family vacation a year.

  • I had what most would view as security but I was drowning in self-doubt, depression, anxiety and stuffing the truth that my husband didn't really want to be married. Got divorced, again.

Now stick with me because this is where the story starts to turn.



I needed a break. A reset. What was it that I really wanted? I had to find out.


I decided to go on a silent retreat to a hermitage in the mountains of Big Sur.


No tv. No internet. No data connection. 


I got quiet. I cried. I read. I freaked out a little. I wrote, a lot. I cried some more. I made some decisions. 

This was the first wave of getting to the life I wanted. I say this because it's not always one magical thing that gets us where we want to be. 

  • I went back to school, earned my life coach certification. Coached a bit but I was broken hearted from my marriage ending. 

  • Moved to start fresh somewhere else. Went through a bit of a reckless phase. Questioned God.



But it's in the darkest times that the light shines the brightest. 

  • I went on a second silent retreat in the woods of Nevada City. I checked back in with God.  

  • I painstakingly let go of negative friendships. I moved to my dream place in Carlsbad, California with my sons.

If you've made it this far, here comes the good part! 

At the end of my lease my boys were ready to move out on their own. At that point I could have moved to a smaller spot but I decided to honor a promise I made to myself years earlier and travel the world.



Within one year I...

  • Recommitted my life to God

  • Traveled to 15 countries (mostly solo)

  • Created new, healthy friendships

  • Ate all the foods

  • Started a podcast and YouTube Channel

  • Quit my job of 10 years

  • And developed incredible courage, patience, peace and freedom

My goal is to teach you everything I've learned so you can make some new decisions. Decisions that will support the life you've always wanted for yourself.

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